Play Sessions

Our CHAOS! Play Sessions are for children with disabilities and additional needs and their siblings.

We created the play sessions to give parents and carers a little time out – a bit of a break.

The play sessions are always very busy so you need to book, but before you can book you need to meet with the Play Team so we can ensure the sessions are right for your child.  We will invite you along for a look round and answer any questions, if you and your child like what we offer and we feel we can support your child at a session you will be invited to register.  This takes a little time and is all done online, however we can help with this if it gives you any difficulties.

Once we have you all signed up you will be able to book in for sessions, again this is done online, you can use a smartphone, tablet or a PC or laptop.  If you don’t have internet access you can book via text or phone.  It is very important to book, if you simply turn up chances are you won’t have a space and you will be left with a very upset littlun.  We have to ensure we have the right number of staff on and we can’t just squeeze a few more kids in very easily!

To find out more email us or give us a call on 01384 483708

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Sunday CHAOS! takes place on….. SUNDAYS!  First Sunday of the month, we take over the wonderful Scallywags Indoor Play Centre in Brierley hill from 9 – 10:45, and best of all the lovely Scallywags Team let us have it for FREE!  We do ask you to buy a coffee and something to eat to help them out though.

This is a Stay&Play session, you can’t leave the kids and go home.  Siblings are welcome and the equipment is suitable for children of toddler age through to 12.  You don’t need to be fully registered to access these sessions you just need to be registered with us as a family.


Total CHAOS! takes place every Saturday at INSIGHT House in Brierley Hill.  Sessions start at 10am and finish at 1, with alternate weeks finishing at 12 and then a 2 hour inclusive sports session.

These sessions are for children aged 5-15 who don’t need 1to1 support, medication during a session and can use the toilet with only limited support.  Siblings are most welcome as long as they fit in and are well behaved.  Sessions cost £5 per child.

Complete CHAOS! is a project that takes place during the summer holidays over 3 weeks, 5 hours a day, and is for children aged 4 to 19 with profound and multiple disabilities and complex needs needing at least 1to1 support.

We have nurses on site able to administer medications and support with routine medical needs as well as being on hand for medical emergencies.  We also have a huge team of amazing volunteers who give up their summer to give some amazing children a summer to remember.  Oh, and the parents a little time off!


Holiday CHAOS! takes place in school holidays, usually 1 session per week in addition to the Saturday sessions during the shorter holidays, and then several weeks of play during the summer.

This project is for the children who would usually attend Total CHAOS!, we have tons of fun and the days last a little longer than usual so parents can get stuff done.  Or just have a break!


Little CHAOS! is a Stay&Play session held at Scallywags Play Centre in Brierley Hill every Tuesday in term time from 12-2pm.  Sessions are free, to attend you need to be registered with us as a family.

Please buy a drink to help the guys at Scallywags – they give us free use of the building and make Little CHAOS! possible.

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